Portraits of the Heart

I took down my Portraits of Uganda exhibit from A-B Tech College today; packed every piece safely in boxes, protected with bubble wrap,  and said a prayer of thanks to these beautiful individuals who gave of themselves to bring global awareness to a world far away. These powerful images are a reminder of the similarities and differences that divide our world yet draw us to different cultures. The comments I get in the guest book are always a pleasure to read and they give me affirmation that these portraits truly are from the heart – and they speak to the heart. Viewers connect to different images for different reasons, but each connection is personal and based on a favorable global experience. My favorite comment in the visitor book reads as follows, “Wow. The stories told through these photos are fantastic. I am especially in awe of the pictures of the kids playing soccer. They really speak to the heart about a shared human experience. I guess that 99.9 % of shared genetic material does a lot more than we realize.”

We watched the documentary film Pelada last week, http://www.imdb.com/video/wab/vi2688877593/– about pick-up soccer around the world. Soccer truly is the world sport. I love stories that show how wonderfully connected we are through our human spirit.

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