New Global Education Opportunities

Carrie and her painting

Carrie and her painting

Long overdue greetings. Alongside re-entry, re-settling and job searching, I have been developing new educational programs. I’m excited to share these offerings. Please contact me if you have questions about any of the workshops/programs. Hope to see you soon!

Ayampe:Puerto Lopez - 02Webinar: Preparing for the Family Sabbatical

Like many middle class American families who dream of a year abroad, the Wagner family had no idea how to make it happen. Now, with an incredibly fantastic sabbatical year behind them, they celebrate the fate, faith and empowerment that unpacked their family sojourn abroad more beautifully than they could have ever imagined. In this webinar, Carrie Wagner will provide tips on how to plan a family sabbatical based on her family’s personal experiences including schooling for kids, deciding where to travel, finding accommodation, immersion, language study, budgeting, health and more! Join us to hear strategies for navigating a family sabbatical and you’ll leave inspired to craft your own.

adam interviewing womanPhotography Workshop in Asheville: Capturing Local Culture in Travel Photography

Get beyond the common tourist’s eye with your camera. Experience another culture at a deeper level and capture the memories with authenticity. In this workshop, you will learn: 1) How to handle the unique challenges of travel photography 2) Photographic fundamentals of composition, color, contrast, and light 3) How to balance participation in culture and documentation of experiences 4) How to create a photo slide show, using PowerPoint.

Attention Teachers in WNC!

Here is a new exciting global education opportunity for you! The Global Presenters Program is free and launches in the 2013/14 school year. Contact me if you are interested in participating. 

Global Presenters logoA collaborative effort between the Center for Diversity Education and the WNC Association of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, this free program provides global presenters to K-12 classrooms in Western North Carolina.  

global presenters e-flyer

Have a great summer!   Go, Give, Learn, Experience, Discover, Engage. 

IMG_2480 campa nevada

Arequipa-Colca Canyon picks - 62

 benj.peruwomanfor Laurel of Asheville article - 04IMG_2967


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