Back to Uganda!

carrie and james

Carrie and James, partners in leading Village Wisdom Immersion Safaris.

I must admit that over the past four years, (while full of family adventure, change and growth), I have felt a void in my life-long commitment and connection to Uganda. I had to let go of guilt for not telling the Uganda story – and stay focused on the present moments and people in our lives. I knew through my communications with James Kiwuwa, that the work in western Uganda was forging on, but I didn’t really understand the magnitude of impact that James and his wife Olivia, were having on people’s lives in the same villages that stole our hearts over 20 years ago, until I read this article.

Article in the New Vision, Uganda, posted on November 7, 2015.

It brings me back to a blogpost I wrote in 2011 called “From Seeds to Fruition in 18 years.” Those seeds keep blossoming and spreading.

James and I will be co-leading a group back to Uganda in July, 2016. Stay tuned for details. I am very excited.

Rwenzori Mountains in Western Uganda

Rwenzori Mountains in Western Uganda

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