So Long, Farewell, See Ya Next Year

The past week has been a series of goodbyes. As we have dotted i’s and crossed t’s on bank accounts, travel insurance, and bus/flight schedules, we have also enjoyed time with friends. Laughter, tears, and hugs have been in abundance. We leave Asheville, not wanting to let go of all we have,  but with assurance of what we have to come back to next year. Inhale, … slowly exhale … we can do this.

Here’s a link to MelibeeU’s next workshop on volunteering abroad.


About Carrie Wagner

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One Response to So Long, Farewell, See Ya Next Year

  1. Mo says:

    Good luck as you set off! I’m looking forward to following your pursuits in South America. We’ll be headed to Rio in July with our three children to begin our own family gap year. Am interested in the workshop on volunteering abroad – hoping it will include advice for families.

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