Live your Dreams

I ran into one of our kid’s teachers last week. She said, “I’m amazed at what y’all are doing. (pause) You’re doing what we all dream of doing.” This sabbatical year has certainly been a dream of ours – not at a conscious level but buried deep in our gut- ever since we were entrusted to raise children. Her comment prompted my curiosity. Is this really something that others dream about doing or does it just sound like a good escape from the trappings of life? Whether your dream is like ours or radically different, the key to making it happen is believing it can happen.

Living your dreams does not happen without sacrifice. You can’t have it all. It requires prioritizing values and being willing to give up a multitude of possessions and activities. Ultimately, it means relinquishing control. My husband and I have always been dream -chasers. We vowed this to each other at the altar 22 years ago. Including our children in this lifestyle is a natural and necessary step  for our family life.

I encourage you to follow your dreams – whatever they may be. And allow others to help you fulfill them. I always tell my kids, “Want a friend? Be a friend.” I continue to be awed by friends who show up at just the right time, with just the right offering. Our connections are of divine nature – too coincidental to be coincidental. Open your heart, trust others, give, receive, learn, teach, have gratitude – all critical components to living your dream.

If you you’re interested in learning more about a sabbatical year, join this webinar on February 29th.

Stay tuned for our family travel blog. It’s under construction and will be ready to roll in a few weeks.

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