Our home in Asheville

De-cluttering and de-homing are two different things. We are now De-Homing. It’s a bit painful.

I have spent the past 3 months purging every drawer, every closet, every box of pictures, every article of clothing, all tools, dishes, ceramics, framed photographs, business and personal files, jewelry boxes, books, toys, sports equipment…the list of stuff goes on and on. Decluttering is tedious and laborious! The cleansing part of this process is sure to follow, but I won’t feel it until we are actually out of our house. We move out of our home on February 15 – just one short week away.

The de-homing part of the moving process is perhaps the most emotional for me. Beautiful black and white photographs that have graced our walls, artwork created by our children, pottery from memorable places around the world – treasures that make a house a home – are now going into boxes. This place we’ve called home for the past 9 years is being transformed back into a generic house. The house will be leased out to renters during our sabbatical.

The memories of this home will remain with us forever. I am so thankful for the time we have had here and I look forward to our return next year, when we will unpack the treasures and re-home this house.

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3 Responses to De-Homing

  1. Andrea says:

    Carrie, what hard work! You will all make a difference in many lives while you are away. Those folks are awfully blessed that you are coming their way! Please let us know if there is anything, small or large, that we can help with.
    Our prayers go with you,

  2. Lize-Marie says:

    I have said so many times- but you, Bob and the boys are such an encouragement to me, and I’m sure to so many others.
    God does not always change our situation, because He wants us to change within the situation, and this is what you have done. I know it is hard- I have packed up several homes and memories! Thinking of you all with fondest love. L x

  3. Martin says:

    Great to find another family departing on a family gap year to South America! We have just booked our flights from the UK to Rio for July. Scary but very exciting! We have 4 months to ‘De-Home’ and reading your post made me realise the challenge of packing it all up and the letting go of your house and home to whoever will be renting it. I’ll keep an eye open for your new blog. We have also started a WordPress blog at to capture some of the memories and to share with family and friends. Hope you have a fantastic trip!

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