There’s a man in my house. Thankfully its my husband. I have worked from home for the past 9 years, enjoying the solitude of the mountain views and sharing my home office with my dog. My husband lost his job last week, initiating a change in seasons for our whole family. May we live by these words from Village Wisdom and enter this new season with gratitude and anticipation. “Sally, move over – we are now sharing our space with Bob.”

About Carrie Wagner

Author, Photographer, Speaker, Educator
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3 Responses to Seasons

  1. Jamie Bolak says:

    Funny you wrote that…when I drove through the neighborhood today and saw both of your vehicles in the driveway…I thought about how it does take the people like us, that work from home, to learn to work differently with others in our “office.” Enjoy this time and journey 🙂 jb

  2. Oh how true! How beautifully written Carrie….. When one door closes, God opens another one, usually better and to help us grow on our lifes path. Thank you for sharing and give your family my best regards. Lorelle

  3. Andrea says:

    Carrie, Praying for your peace in these days. God always has a new door to open! Blessings to all, Andrea

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