Nothing Left

Our language immersion experience is proving to be a wholesome one. It takes every drop of brain power to learn, communicate and understand Spanish. By the time I sit down to write a brief greeting, there is nothing left of me. My journal pages are quite sparse as well. I think that the Digestion  process will come later. This moment is for Eating!
Note from Bob-
Benjamin, Adam, Carrie and I each have excellent Spanish tutors.  They are organized and sensitive to how each of us likes to learn.  Often, Benjamin is out kicking the soccer ball and practicing his new language skills with his teacher.  Adam’s teacher gives him lots of homework.  He is a sponge.  Carrie and I, well, we just try to keep up. Sometimes I feel like I have not learned a thing, then I hear one of the kids or Carrie speaking and I am encouraged. After 5 hours of language school each day we are exhausted to the point of being silly.

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