Not for the Faint at Heart

News from Bob
On Saturday we went to see Xela play Guatemala City in a Premier League soccer game.  Guatemalans are loco about their soccer.  Faces painted, flags waving, beer flowing. Thoughout the match, even during half time, the stands rocked as the fans bounced up and down and sang song after song.  When Xela scored they shot off fireworks, and of course people sang even louder. The atmosphere was similar to a NCAA finals basketball game and Super Bowl rolled into one.  No, there is nothing boring about soccer here. (Xela won 2 to 1).

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One Response to Not for the Faint at Heart

  1. Lize-Marie says:

    I can hear them cheering! I’m thinking of all of you, and following your trip. I get all the new posts! love to you all from a sunny winters day in Stellenbosch

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