Primera Semana – Wow

Carrie here. I’m blown away by my children’s ability to adapt and learn Spanish so quickly. Adam’s and Benjamin’s language acquisition far surpasses mine. No surprise.  We are having a ball. Language school is intense but good. We each have our own tutors for 5 hours a day. Today we went to the market to buy produce. We will cook for our Guatemalan family on Tuesday.

There are many highlights from the week, but my favorite was yesterday on public transportation. We took a bus to and from Luguna Chikibal where we hiked to see the lake in a dorment volcano. On the way home, our minibus -intended for 16 persons -had as many as 28 at one point. Benjamin sat in the back row and talked in Spanish to every passenger who sat next to him. His magnetic personality and uninhibited desire to meet new friends are two of the qualities that I love most about him. 


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2 Responses to Primera Semana – Wow

  1. Anne tiberio says:

    Hello globetrotters, Thank you for sharing your adventure with us! We will be reading your posts at our dinner table every evening, so keep up the good work!

  2. Nicky Whittaker says:

    So enjoy your comments and loved reading Adam’s post the other day. I know you are all having a blast. Miss seeing you about. Not sure if you are following the Soccer – USA Women doing great.
    Keep sending these titbits and enjoy cooking for your family on Tuesday. Nicky and family

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