I challenge you to pause – just long enough to read this posting. And if you do, please email me and let me know you did.

I took the opportunity to join in the 30-Hour Famine (a World Vision program, hosted by our church this weekend). The challenge was to FAST for 30 hours – no food, only water. I added the challenge of FASTing from my computer for the same 30 hours.  The results? Awesome – didn’t know how much I needed to FAST in order to SLOW down, empty my vessel, and FILL up with the right stuff.

When we FAST, we not only learn what it means to feel hungry, but we create space in our bellies and hearts to be filled with good stuff –  not the same old dirty water, unhealthy food and habits – but with God’s grace and renewed promises.  Besides the fact that my kitchen stayed clean…. I relished in the extra time – time to clean my house, time to sit still and notice the beauty of Spring, time to pause from my driven work-style. Why am I always in such a hurry? Why do I feel pressured to sell the next book, set up the next speaking engagement, develop the next training product? I am sucked into the same RAT RACE that I speak so strongly against in Village Wisdom.

I am refreshed, renewed and ready to SLOW down. Through my FASTing, I have been emptied and FILLED and it Feels so good.  Give it a try!!!

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One Response to FAST, SLOW, FILL

  1. Jamie says:

    Great thoughts to think about and congrats to you. Glad it was successful. (the website looks beautiful) 🙂 my best! jb

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