Kudos to People who Serve!

Every day I hear another story about someone doing incredible work. It’s inspiring… and contagious. I have been following this celebratory 50th year of Peace Corps. I also tune in to stories about nonprofits and individuals who are called to a cause and work tirelessly for the benefit of others. I just want to say one BIG OLE THANK YOU to so many people.

One of the purposes of my book, Village Wisdom, is to thank the multitude of people who have and continue to serve others. I think of so many expatriates and locals who have served with Habitat for Humanity, Peace Corps, and countless other service organizations. I think of my mother who revamped the “Room in the Inn” program for homeless people at her church in Charlotte. I think of people working with special needs children in the schools. I think of pastors, community health workers, educators, and many others who work for social justice around the world. I also have tremendous appreciation for those who serve by supporting the sojourners. We delighted in telling our Ugandan friends that we were only able to come because hundreds of people back home supported us prayerfully and financially. Sharing our journey with family and friends was a highlight of our trip back to Uganda and has linked us to people in ways we never would have imagined.


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