Protect the Pearl of Africa, Uganda

I woke up with a spinning head. Anxiety for a peaceful election process loomed. Just yesterday I read another glowing article about a sojourner to Uganda. Randy Shepherd, co-founder of Crossfire ministries, said after his return from Uganda, “It was probably the most impacting trip out of 20 years…” When I speak about my experiences in Uganda and share stories about Ugandan friends in my book, faces light up and often, someone comes up to me and says with an empathic face, wearing a smile, “I’ve been there…it changed my life.”  The irony is that the life-changing qualities of Uganda are not from the confrontational poverty, in a nation where the majority of people still live on less than $2 a day. The transformation emerges from the unexpected joy that fills Ugandan’s lives. It’s a joy that we Americans crave; a culture unspoilt by consumerism. There is something special about Uganda. Winston Chruchill called it “The pearl of Africa, ” perhaps because it is so beautiful, and is landlocked by five, often troubled, countries. But for me, the pearl holds a a much deeper, spiritual beauty. When Bob and I moved to Uganda in 1991, signs of the catastrophic regime of Idi Amin were prevalent. We were so moved by our Ugandan friends who had already gotten on with life, looking for better days and hoping for a brighter future. That hope has blanketed the country for 25 years. Join me in protecting the pearl, as they undergo presidential elections today. Pray for peace, hope and prosperity and that the elected leader is the one who will carry Uganda to new heights. Thank you.


About Carrie Wagner

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