Authentic Friendship

I remember the first time she brought me pink peonies for my birthday. I was turning 35. Then when I left South Africa two years later, we said “We’ll meet again…let’s shoot for 5 years”. It’s been nearly 9 years since I have seen Lize Marie, but our reunion actually happened. A business trip to the states brought my dear friend to visit me this past weekend. Wow – no words to describe the joy, the nostalgia, the authentic friendship that crosses two oceans and spans eternity. Just two weeks ago, I also re-connected with a friend I haven’t seen since high school (two decades have passed) and another from college who I haven’t seen since.  The “Art of Re” is taking me on a re-connecting path this year and it is a grand ride. I cherish so many friends who scatter the globe – a lesson learned from each, an inspiration gained and more memories than I can tell.  The excerpt below is from my chapter called Authentic Friendship.

About Carrie Wagner

Author, Photographer, Speaker, Educator
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