The Patience and Wisdom of Job

I had disappointing news yesterday – not devastating, just a personal downer; a squashed opportunity; another chance to dust off my boots and get back on the saddle. Then I glance over at my beautiful coffee table book, Village Wisdom, with Job Malighee on the cover. After 18 years, he continues to inspire me. I ponder things he has said to me through the years. I study his wisdom and covet his patience. My heart often bleeds for the “disappointments” he faces and I’m reminded that my “disappointments” are minuscule in comparison to his life-threatening challenges. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to cross cultures and develop authentic friendships with common people in far away places.


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One Response to The Patience and Wisdom of Job

  1. Bob says:

    What’s a little cow dung on your boots? Dust em off and keep inspiring us. Lots of love.

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