Sneezes, Allusions and Transition Starters

These are terms I learned yesterday at the Writer’s Notebook workshop, presented by Susan Jackson at South West Middle School in Charlotte. It was my honor and pleasure to present global engagement education to 30 teachers, as a snippet in the context of peeking student’s interest and skills in WRITING! It is becoming more clear that my professional role, and responsibility as a global citizen, is in the realm of youth and young adults. Those of us with extensive international experience owe it to the upcoming generation, our future leaders, to be connectors to a world beyond internal and external borders. In particular, I am finding that my contribution to middle-school through college-age youth education is through the heart-strings. As I look at my palette of friends who scatter the globe, without a doubt, the happiest of all, are those who have followed their hearts – even at the ridicule of closest confidentes.

A wonderful trip to Charlotte, followed by a stop in Davidson for a meeting with members of the American Freedom Association has stimulated my mental tumbler for collaboration opportunities. I return to Asheville to incubate new ideas and future projects.

Susan, did I just write a sneeze?


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