Bucket List


I was talking to my dad the other day and he asked, “Where did this Guatemala thing come from?” We’ve been in and out of Africa for the past 20 years so I don’t think anywhere on that continent would have raised question. I answered frankly, “Dad, it’s always been on our family bucket list – we’re just now getting to it.” There’s so much we want to do with Adam and Benjamin before they grow up and go off on their own. Many folks wait until their children are grown to start their bucket list… to each his own I guess. And honestly, we can’t really afford to do the things we do. But if we wait until we can afford to travel, our kids will definately be grown and gone. We have developed skills in stretching the dollar, traveling on a shoestring and maximising cross-cultural experiences. And though we are ticking many things off our bucket list, the list keeps growing as our interests are peaked in new directions. We are thankful for our family life!

Our kids are doing great with their Spanish. Bob and I are struggling along but learning as well. Perhaps the boys will be the leaders during our time in Guatemala… What’s next on your bucket list?


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