The Art of RE


What if every American makes one or two intentional habit changes in 2011? – habit changes that dramatically affect the overall good of the world. Think about it. We usually make New Years resolutions to improve our own mental, physical, spiritual and financial health. Now think further – our individual health is intricately connected to the health of our community, our nation and the God-given earth that sustains our life. The current state of the US (with it’s many ailments – economy, healthcare, systemic and preventable diseases) is just as much a result of our individual lifestyle choices as it is an outcrop of government and business influence. Let’s admit it.

Our family watches a lot of documentaries and independent films – movies intended to do more than just entertain. We often watch out of our responsibility as global citizens (we would prefer to watch something else). In the past few months we have watched An Inconvenint Truth, Invictus, Ghandi, and Food, Inc. (links below) So what do we do with the information that we learn from others – keep on making the same poor personal choices that contribute to the destruction of life? Well, hopefully not. But unless we intentionally make changes, we will automaticaly keep the status quo and go along with the flow. We are creatures of habit. Join us in our attempt to fight the current. It will make it much easier for us if our boat is bigger and there are more paddling.

Here are the Wagner resolutions for habit changes:

1. Practice the Art of RE. Re-use, re-purpose, re-cycle, re-gift, re-read books and journals that have valuable lessons.

2. Hold each other accoutable for Green household practices – water, energy and resource conservation.

3. Buy organic food regularly, not just occasionally

4. Buy local, Act global

5. Last, but First… practice the Golden Rule every day. “Treat others the way you want to be treated.”

Note: The photograph is titled Trash and Treasure and is the feature photograph for the chapter entitled the same.

My movie recommendations:

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3 Responses to The Art of RE

  1. Bob says:

    You are one AWESOME woman. Thanks for being so inspiring.

  2. Jo says:

    My english teacher always told us “a word to the wise should be sufficient”. Those were were words of wisdom and truth about our situation in the world today. Our choices (especially those as consumers of goods, services, food, etc) in mass can make a huge difference. Corporate America makes decisions based on the bottom line and we can vote for what is important to us every time we make a purchase. There are so many excellent documentaries available to educate us all and it is good to see you spreading the word about them.

  3. John Wagner says:

    These are wonderful thoughts and praiseworthy goals. They are also beautifully expressed. This would definitely be a better world in short order if more people made these principles their mantra in life. You and Bob and the boys live your daily lives in a way that few people can do, or even aspire to. I am quite proud of what you have done with your many talents and, to the extent that you can, I would encourage you to stay on that path. I say “to the extent that you can” because, after living all the years that I have, I have seen so many obstacles and have known so many detractors in this imperfect world, that, along with the victories I have seen or experienced, there have been many disappointments. Those of us who have high aspirations for the world about us and our fellow man have to be prepared to have some disappointments and to quite often fall short of our goals, while, at the same time taking great pride and feeling very thankful for the successes that come our way. So it is OK to set the bar high just so you always keep in mind that to fall short is not a failure and every step higher is a success to be cherished.
    With these thoughts as my measure, I will support and adopt your goals.
    Thanks for the wonderful work you are doing.


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