Food for Thought – Daily Bread

This photograph from the Portraits of Uganda collection is titled “Daily Bread.” The Bakonzo woman is walking from her garden plot, high on the steep slopes of the Rwenzori mountains of western Uganda. She is carrying on her back a sack of cassava flour, a bunch of bananas, a sack of beans, and firewood for cooking.

I often think of this woman when I’m unloading my bags of groceries from the car, taking them only a flight of 18 steps up to my kitchen and into the fridge. My “Daily Bread” is a little more convenient to obtain and prepare.

I refer to other types of nourishment as my daily bread. Sometimes it comes from sitting silent; other times it comes from reading or listening to music. No matter the source, if I miss it, I go hungry and make poor decisions. How about you? What’s your daily bread?

When we went back to Uganda in 2009, I accidentaly met the grand-daughter of the Bakonzo woman in the photograph. Florence (the grand-daughter) was ecstatic when I gave her this photo of her grandmother who has now passed away.

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