Home Sweet Home

Woke up to pitter patter against my window this morning. My first thought for the day was “how wonderful it is to have a warm, secure home and a comfy bed.” During the winter especially, my heart goes out to the homeless. But I use the word “home” to mean more than a building. For me, home is the security of being loved, cared for, and needed. I am so thankful for my HOME – in the complete sense of the word.

We worked with Habitat for Humanity International for 11 years. Working with communities to build simple, decent and affordable houses was our business and our service. But as I reflect on those years – all the communities we worked with, and all the employees, homeowners and volunteers that we developed relationships with – the transformative value rests in the people, not the houses. That is the beauty of nonprofit work; it pulls well-intended folks together to solve problems. Through the process, meaningful relationships are formed and lives are changed. Houses become homes where people are loved, cared for, and needed.


About Carrie Wagner

Author, Photographer, Speaker, Educator
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