The Black Hole

I almost got sucked in…

It’s amazing what retail inventory will do to you.  As I walked through my storeroom yesterday and looked once again at the 2000 Village Wisdom books, I thought, “I gotta get those things out before Christmas. Need to call the bookstores and send ‘em more books. Need to place an ad on” I even spent time navigating Google Adwords.

Thankfully, my husband Bob has more village wisdom than me. He reminded me that this is not a race to a finish line. On further thought, I realized the irony… I’m one who is repulsed to Black Friday and the shopping craze that sweeps this country. Not that there is anything wrong with shopping the day after Thanksgiving- it’s just an example of an imbalance in our society.

Instead of allowing my thoughts to leap to Christmas lists and holiday preparation, I’m committed to spend this week in true Thanks-giving. I will take time every day to make my list of people and blessings that I am thankful for. I will take time to be still, read, and nourish my soul. I will think of others around the world who suffer, in part, as a result of the lavish lifestyles we lead in first world countries. I will give thanks and prepare to give gifts to the people who are in most need. 

I’m thankful that Bob reeled me in and reminded me of the meaning of THANKSGIVING.


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